Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creative Space...

I have been really busy in my Creative Space this week.
I sent off this little personalised Bird Boy and have lots of other little things to complete
 Such as stuffing these girls.
Worrying about what I'm going to dress them in.
(Sometimes I spend more time 'choosing' fabric than actually sewing!
 Last night I agonised for 45 minutes over 3 types of grey???)
This guy needs a body and some ears. 
Oh and a nightgown because he is going to dress up as Grandma.
Do you think the eyes are too creepy for children? I never know.  Today my son turned down the offer of wearing his Spiderman T shirt to Daycare because he 
"might be scared of it at rest time".
I don't want to make a toy that has to be spirited out of the room at bedtime.

I'm off now to make some clothes for those girls.  I have a girl from Berlin staying with me at the moment and she calls clothes "clothers" (sounds exactly like clovers).  I love it! 
I just cant say it any other way now.
Remember Cat and Fish from last week?

I think they fell in love.

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  1. beautiful creative space again!
    i don't think the eyes look creepy, maybe I need to ask the little ones. Aidan said he likes that guy :)
    happy creating ♥

  2. Yay Cathie, thanks. All systems go on the wolf guy then. x

  3. ahhhh Cat and Fish are tooooo cute together!! And i don't his eyes are too creepy, wait till you pop a body on him, you can always add eyelids to soften them if need be :)

  4. I love your little ladies faces - so so pretty.

  5. They are all so sweet! How cute are cat and fish together?

  6. Wow, they are sooo lovely and beautifully stitched and lovely fabrics, so obviously worth the 45 min fabric choosing!!! I think his eye is just so perfectly lovely. Nobody could ever look too scary with an itty bitty twinkly eye! x

  7. Thankyou so much for visiting my cupies today as this is how I found you , lovely to meet you !

  8. Cat and fish are just too cute together :-)

  9. Totally Rad.
    As always xxx
    Can't wait to see the finished wolf :)

  10. I finished him last night. I wasn't sure at first if I liked him but then suddenly I liked him a lot.

  11. Cat and fish are gorgeous! And I love the wolf (and his eyes). I'll be checking back to see him dressed as Grandma!