Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Art of Australian Picture Books...

The day little Jim wore his Turtle suit
and made mischief at the State Library...
he joined with all the children across Melbourne for the great
Children's Book Festival of 2011,
and had the most Amazing day.
There was the beautiful big old library to explore.
(Without having to be quiet)
Live music and a special production by Drop Bear Theatre of Mem Fox's 'The Magic Hat'
With shadow puppets that were so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes.
Peter Rabbit.
A petting zoo.
And of course the free exhibition which runs until 29th May 2011 featuring the art of Australia's finest illustrators.
The little boy had such a fun day that he hopped into bed in his Turtle suit and went straight to sleep.
And he didn't need 20 books read to him as he had read so many at the festival. :)

Here are some of the books featured in the exhibition:

If you have not read this book to your children then you must do so immediately! And I challenge you to do it without crying.  Recommended for ages 8-11.  Sparks insightful conversation and is a great way to open up discussion about cultural differences, tolerance and refugees.
An outstanding picture book.

Visit The Art of Australian Picture Books at the State Library of Victoria website for more details.

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