Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creative Space...

Is has been so long since I have graced Kirsty's Creative Space.  Just under a year I believe.
Hopefully I can be welcomed back into the fold after such a hiatus:)

I am again working on my toys for Thread Den.  Doing variations of my Pussycat Doll and Monsieur Rabbit.
This little Monsieur has limbs for the first time, but his trademark face still prevails. He is for the Easter Market and will be adorned with an egg.  I have not decided yet whether it will be a crafted egg or an actual egg?  Mmmggh any ideas??? 
And this little Pussycat doll will not be holding a kitten this time but rather a fish. 
As it is the Childrens book festival in Melbourne this week I have been totally inspired by my favourite childrens book Cat and Fish by Neil Curtis and Joan Grant.
It is a beautiful beautiful book about a cat and a fish who are best friends but are, of course, from different worlds.
So I was thinking that Pussycat could hold a little fish, sounds easy enough, but I do have a tendency to complicate my toys, that's for sure. 
I like all my faces to be distinguished, yet matching within the range and of course significant to my style of embroidery. So a fish with a face like this.....??? Well maybe, somehow.
So that is my creative space for today.  For more be sure to pop over to Kootoyoo...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Childrens Book Festival in Melbourne...

This Sunday 3rd April 10am to 4pm at the State Library.
There will be a petting zoo, performers and Children's book authors in Conversation.

Check out the Wheelers Centre and the State Library website for program details.

The Busy Little Bee Award...

The Busy Little Bee award does not go to me.
As you see I have been terribly un-busy.  
Although, I do think a LOT about potentially busy things.
These ideas stay firmly in the mind.
 But if there was an award for 'thinking' creative thoughts
Then I would win this kind of award.  
Because I have many ideas and are always thinking them.  
 For actually producing these ideas in a tangible way.......
mmmgghh, that is where I have fallen a little short.
 And so, sadly, the Busy Little Bee award does not go to me!

If there was an award for sitting on the couch, watching Mad Men
and knitting complicated diamond patterned shawls.
I would win, hands down.
Unfortunately no such award is in existence.

There is one award I am in the running for-

The Glandula Fever award goes to..........
I win this one, no contest.
Because I am very good at being sick with Glandula Fever.
The illness that goes on and on.

But never fear, Nurse Fifi is here.
And now if I could just teach her to read
my obscure miniature Latin medical book
then I will surely be cured.
And back to the business of Toy making.