Monday, March 30, 2009

This Moral Pandemonium

I am presently reading this new book from L.M Robinson about the notorious Madame Brussels. I highly recommend it not just because L.M is my closest friend in the world, but because it is a richly descriptive portrait of a scandalous Melbournian and a women of great intrigue.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weird Hipped Pierre

Here is a photo of Pierre as promised. He is pictured here with his new girlfriend Fi Fi.
Turns out he is not so gay after all!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Le Petite Chaperon Rouge

French Doll number 3. I do love her so.
My beautiful copy of Charles Perrault's Petite Chaperon Rouge was my inspiration. If any of you have ever been lucky enough to have studied Myth and Fantasy at Deakin under Anne McCulloch then you would have unravelled the meaning of this tale over and over again. How fear of the wolf keeps a young girl from straying from 'the path'..... I like to believe that my red riding hood does stray off the path, she has the strength to face the wolf and in fact devours him whole, which explains her rather rotund appearance. More on this later.....

The day my dolls turned French....

Lately my home has become decidedly French. This is somewhat due to the presence of a tall handsome new French friend and the acquisition of some french books, but recently my dolls have been turning out French also! It all began with Weird Hipped Pierre, a creation for my two year old Mihali Jim. There is no way anyone can deny that Pierre is a french doll. He just seems to exude French-ness, as though he had leapt off my table saying "oh Oui Oui ". (My housemate is almost certain that Pierre is also Gay).

Tomorrow I will post a photo of Pierre, can't do it now as I would have to wrench him from the arms of my sleeping boy. So I present you instead with this Mademoiselle which I made for little Charlie over a very long glass of wine.

I recommend a listen to Vanessa Paradis' Divinidylle if one wishes the appropriate French accompaniment.....