Friday, May 29, 2009

Tucked Up In Bed...

Once upon a time Little Jim slept only with Luvy Monster who he would tuck under his arm and sleep joyfully through the night with. One day Nanna Panna, in what was sensationally deemed a post-modern move, gave him Dolly for his name day gift. Little Jim loved Dolly instantly and gave her prime position upon his pillow in the night time. Early in the year a Frenchman, named Pierre, came into the life of Little Jim and so it was Luvy, it was Dolly and now Pierre in there, tucked up all together. And yet it seems not a month goes by without another toy creeping its way into the fold, we now have Owl, Bunny and Mr Peculiar, each with its own night time ritual and position in the cot. Going off to bed can be a drawn out affair these days, with all the stories, hunting, kissing, placing and tucking in. But it must be a wonderful place to be, all the cool toys want to be there and so does Pussy- who has a magical ability to surmount all opposing forces and walk through walls to get within that warm and cosy good-night realm.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Creative Space IV....

Teeny tiny little shoes-

Today I finished these little shoes for a little newborn baby girl. I discovered that there is great satisfaction in knitting small things, as you complete them so much sooner. I have been known to take a couple of seasons to finish a knitting project so finishing these shoes in just a few hours brings me great excitement.

I'm off to make an earl grey tea now and snuggle in for reading time with the little boy. Tonight he has chosen The Giving Tree and I wholeheartedly approve. :)

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crafternoon Delight

'Some Musings on a Knitting Afternoon with Friends'

lovely cakes and lots of tea = Happiness...
knitting, counting & chatting takes practice...
little boys + cake, do not perfect stitches make...
knitting ladies & babies make wonderful conversation...
time really does fly when you are hosting a crafternoon...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Creative Space III...

I just arrived home from a little pilgrimage to Gippsland and have acquired these fabulous new items for my vintage pattern collection. As I was flipping through one of the early 80's knitting books I excitedly discovered my friend was modelling one of the jumpers. I can't wait to send her a photo of it and say "surprise"!
My mum showed me once again how to crochet (she is a Very patient woman) and I have started making something from the Patons Little Gems book.
I am also pleased to say that I completed my first knitting project for the year- a mohair scarf, which I was finishing as my friend arrived to take me to the theatre last night. Such a cold night, I'm so glad I had my scarf to wear.

Left to Right:

  • A 1970's Patons Swiftaknit for Junior Jetters- The toddler modelling this awesome outfit is actually sitting in a cockpit. It's hysterical.
  • Patons Little Gems crochet bag pattern book.
  • Simplicity toy pattern from 1966.
  • Mohair scarf
  • Leatherbound classics- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island and some Dickens.
  • 1960's Patons knitting book where everyone looks a little too nice. The men smoke pipes and the patterns have names like Carl and Gwyneth.
  • Shiny Red buttons.
  • The beginnings of a hat (for myself) in blue 8 ply cotton.
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Famous Blue Raincoat

I love Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen. I am sitting here learning it on guitar and decided to share it with you. I find it very meaningful, I always have. Recently I saw Leonard sing it and I found that seeing him live- his inflections and so forth, rendered the song with new meaning. Now I find different meaning in this song all the time. I love this line:

"Thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes,
I thought it was there for good, so I never tried."

So poignant, I love the humanity in being able to say these words to a friend who betrayed you.

Let me know if you have any thoughts, I love sharing ideas on music. Now enough of my ranting, I promise to be back to the business of crafting very soon :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Creative Space Today

quiet musings....internal dialogue.....relaxation...
and Miranda July's short stories.... That is all...
(Photos by me)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hooray for Market Day...

Yay, with a giant sigh of relief I am pleased to say that the Thornbury Market was a Success. Both for myself and for Tania from Cheeky Little Monsters who I shared my table with.
I had a really slow start but thankfully after Monsieur the bunny sold, interest in my little things found momentum and I can honestly say that even though I was only able to sew a small collection, I am really happy with the day. Other stall holders were divine and I found the Thornbury community to be super friendly and encouraging. I think I have also learned a bit about markets from the very well organised Tania who is rather cheekily smiling in the top picture where you can see our collection side by side. Pictured in the bottom photo with Little Red is the lovely Kylie from Thread Den where my toys may possibly find a home while I am travelling Europe. That is if I don't give them away to all my friends as it seems to be baby season at the moment, which we love, of course!

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