Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Creative Space I...

Today my creative space is my lounge floor, my bed, my sewing table, my kitchen table, my brown couch, my red couch, my bedroom floor..... Oh it's ridiculous here really. Hee Hee
Here we have the following features from my bed space:

  • Mama and Baby doll
  • Le Petite Chaperon Rouge (on right)
  • A bunny rabbit (exquisite fabric by Moda)
  • A new dress for Madamoiselle (on left)
It is a beautiful day here, born out of the coldest night. My garden has just been weeded and mowed all ready for some new plants. Oh so many projects. Wonderful.


C'est la vie

So I had the Flu!!!!! (Vast amounts of sympathy pleeeese). And it felt like forever. I was starting to feel stressed about not having a full range of beautiful little things for the Market this Saturday but then I remembered- I'm going to EUROPE next month, I will be swimming in the Greek Islands and eating pastries in Paris.... what do I have to worry about?

In all seriousness I am disappointed to only have about half of what I was hoping to have finished, but c'est la vie. Right?

Last night I finally finished clothing the above dolls that were literally hanging around for ages.
I guess all is not lost :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Made 'n' Thornbury...

Finally here is some information about the new Made n Thornbury Market, where I will be sharing a table with the lovely Cheeky Little Monsters. Come along, it is the cutest market, environmentally aware, very small, undercover and reminiscent of a C.W.A country market. And we like that! Of course I am yet to fill my side of the table. Running around after Little Jim most of my day. It is uncanny how any time I sit down with Janome (Jay Nome as she is affectionately known) Little Jim needs a cuddle at that exact moment. Recently I discovered that it actually IS possible to sew with 2 year old on knee and Birman cat on sewing machine. You just have to watch out for fingers and big fluffy tails. The upside is, crafting has never been so entertaining.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Six Dresses in Six Days...

I chose some pretty florals to make these little dresses and based
them on a pattern from 1973. This technique is called Shirring and
it is no longer the lost craft of our Grandmothers due to renewed
interest in all things vintage. I believe the secret to shirring is good
quality elastic and drawing your lines on to your fabric first, this
makes it easier to achieve perfect lines. For two dresses I decided
to do an invisible hem!!! I know, what was I thinking? I am only just
learning, which is evident in the fourth picture above where my
*invisible* hem is clearly visible. Normal hems for the rest. Hee Hee.
Now I have six new items for the market in Thornbury in 2 weeks.
Hopefully by then I will have a few more beautiful little things.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The one where I am obsessed by a tablecloth...

Here are some fabulous new acquisitions featured
with a vintage table cloth I fell in love with.....

I had wonderful plans for the Easter break to consist
entirely of galloping creativity and an unprecedented
burst of inspiration. But the simple truth is I spent it
foraging in my Mother's house for trinkets and going
to markets and antique stores in Gippsland. Which is
my favourite thing in the world to do of course.

So here is my new tablecloth from the Kongwak Market
which I was eyeing only from a distance until my friend
Tania gave me a reason to purchase. Ahh a true friend!
The beaded purse once belonged to my Aunt Eileen, the
Pearl brooch is from my mum and the freaking awesome
Snakeskin purse was $2 from a shop in Loch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually also tried to purchase a vintage sewing basket
but a divine and impossibly old lady gave it to me as a gift.
Can you believe it? A gift! God I love the country.

The little doll basking here in the glory of my tablecloth
is really my only Easter completion, but I have been working
on some dresses which are coming soon......

Saturday, April 11, 2009

These are a Few of my Favourite Things...

afternoon tea...
my christening gown...{beautifully embroidered}
favourite shoes, bag and quilt...
favourite dolls...
awesome but creepy doll...
mother, father, favourite lamp...

Details of note that may, or may not be visible in the photos of my parents:
  1. The 'Death Before Dishonour' sailor tattoo on my fathers right arm.
  2. My mothers casual pose as she exits her FJ Holden.
  3. The exquisite tailoring of her jacket worn as a cape.
  4. The imeasurably infitismal love I have for them both.

The Purple Coat

My creativity is humming along like a busy bee in slow motion. That is to say that I am always crafting and sewing but turning out things Very slowly indeed. Maybe I should pay more attention to the Chicks on Speed at Craft Victoria!!!

Last week however I did sew this little jacket for a market coming up in Thornbury soon. It is made of french wool, very soft so I have not lined it. My first jacket, but the first of many (I hope!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Autumn in Melbourne

It is often said that Scorpio's Love autumn. And for this Scorpio, that is very true. Although I enjoy the turning of all seasons, I must say I particularly love autumn in Melbourne. The trees are turning gold, the boots are coming out, it is knitting time again and hats, coats, gloves and scarves are just around the corner. Today I had a wonderful time at the park with Karly- the Brier half of Nettle & Brier, who is pictured here in an Eiffel tower made of rope. It was especially hilarious too as Karly lost her new copper owl necklace, purchased recently from Northcote's The Local Shop and we spent forever looking for it through the tanbark only to have it turn up down baby Molly's stockings some time later. I'm going to tell you right now that searching for a 'copper' object amidst tanbark is tantamount to a needle in a haystack and was absurdly difficult. However, Molly's unfortunate uncomfortableness aside, we were elated that it turned up again!