Friday, April 8, 2011

When Cat Met Fish...

" They came from different worlds but they liked each others looks..."
"Fish told cat about the water..."
"and cat told fish about the woods."
"cat wasn't so sure [she] liked the ocean."
"They decided to live where the sea and the land met..."
"and rest until their next adventure."

All words written by Joan Grant from the book Cat and Fish, illustrated by Neil Curtis and winner of the Children's Book Council Picture Book of the Year award 2004.
A must read for anyone that loves unusual friendships.


  1. Oh Neen this is the sweetest little softie set I have seen, it is super lovely. Will you be selling this?
    I love reading this book to my children too, it's just divine. You should hunt down 'Clara and Asha' which is similar in some ways, just absolutely gorgeous story and illustrations.

  2. Ooh I will Jo thanks, I love illustrated books so much. I will be selling Cat and Fish at Thread Den market next Sunday 17th in North Melbourne. I am making another for an order and can always take orders through my gmail account. Cheers