Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creative Space...

Is has been so long since I have graced Kirsty's Creative Space.  Just under a year I believe.
Hopefully I can be welcomed back into the fold after such a hiatus:)

I am again working on my toys for Thread Den.  Doing variations of my Pussycat Doll and Monsieur Rabbit.
This little Monsieur has limbs for the first time, but his trademark face still prevails. He is for the Easter Market and will be adorned with an egg.  I have not decided yet whether it will be a crafted egg or an actual egg?  Mmmggh any ideas??? 
And this little Pussycat doll will not be holding a kitten this time but rather a fish. 
As it is the Childrens book festival in Melbourne this week I have been totally inspired by my favourite childrens book Cat and Fish by Neil Curtis and Joan Grant.
It is a beautiful beautiful book about a cat and a fish who are best friends but are, of course, from different worlds.
So I was thinking that Pussycat could hold a little fish, sounds easy enough, but I do have a tendency to complicate my toys, that's for sure. 
I like all my faces to be distinguished, yet matching within the range and of course significant to my style of embroidery. So a fish with a face like this.....??? Well maybe, somehow.
So that is my creative space for today.  For more be sure to pop over to Kootoyoo...


  1. I love your dreamy creatures! Good luck at the market, it's sure to be fun. Looking forward to seeing the fish, I bet it will be just as gorgeous as Pussycat x

  2. Hi Neen,
    your little creations are absolutely beautiful!
    hope you have a great market, I think I might pop by for a visit.

    happy creating ♥

  3. I'm so glad that you played along with Kirsty today so that I could 'discover' you.
    Your creations are gorgeous and what a delight to see one of my favourite children's books featured. Love "Cat & Fish' and seeing it here, I realise that my only copy is with an 'ex' and I need to go out and get another copy for me.

    xx Felicity

  4. Oh my Neeness they are absolutely divine! You are so bloody talented and I just love everything you make. Like I wanna buy them all and have a little Neens creations shrine in my house. You are a true inspiration!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow x x

  5. Oh Thanks Tania, and thanks to the other Ladies too for such lovely words. x

  6. Wow, your softies and dolls are all gorgeous! At the moment, I am trying to design and make my first doll/softie (not following a pattern, all my own creation) but wow, yours are amazing, so I am even more scared now.

  7. Oh my goodness, I love your space! Love!
    The little kitten is just about the most gorgeous thing I have seen.
    She is so pretty and blissed out.

  8. Your toys are so detailed and have so much character. Can't wait to see your handcrafted fish x

  9. Hi Neen, So lovely to stumble across your blog over at Kirsty's. I adore your pussycat doll there is so much personality in that well groomed face, all the little details are wonderful. Love the fish mouth too,can't wait to see the fishy someone it will belong to.

  10. Wow, those dolls are so precious! Lovely little details.

  11. Hello Darlin' Neen,

    I must declare, I think the Pussycat Doll looks like you!

    much love xx Beebee

  12. Thankyou Bee Bee, does she really? But she doesn't have Big teeth????


  13. wow these are just fantastic! i love their mysticalness of are very talented!
    new follower