Monday, March 26, 2012

The Silicone Veil...

Susanne Sundfor's new album released today.  Here is the first single "White Foxes".
Beautiful amazing awesome brilliant song, but..... 
Warning: extremely creepy video.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another little Bee Boy...

Holy Crap ! This is Amazing...

Tutorial Here

I'm sure many of you have already seen this Matsutake tutorial on how to make this holy amazement fox lamp.  But as I am slow to these things I just had to post about it anyway and say that I cannot wait to make one of my own.  And you can be assured that when it is completed I will take it everywhere with me and endow upon it a theme song of its own because that is how awesome this idea is.  Double awesome is the fact that the product used to harden the fabric for the shell of the lamp is called 'Stiffy'!!!!
And that is a little bit appealingly naughty.....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Double Lace Headband...

Today I am whipping up this gorgeous headband to wear out to dinner.
You can find the tutorial here at Elisa McLaughlin Designs, a beautiful blog with amazing DIY projects. 
I want to make everything she makes.
Go there now!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beautiful Clothes...

Check out these gorgeous Resort 2012 designs from the
Mod Cloth Blog...

Carven- Paris

Jill Stuart- New York

Erdem- London

I really wish I could travel the world collecting clothes.  I can't believe that is not my job!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nothing much to see here....Creative Space

I would love to be one of those prolific crafts people that always have something fabulous for show and tell, something new and exciting and different, or 10 projects all happening at one time in organised chaos.
But the truth is- I am having one hell of a lazy winter.  I rarely go in my sewing room because the temperature suddenly drops 100 degrees down that end of the house. (Yes it's Iceland in my sewing room, really!) 
I have become prone to migraines, developed an addiction to watching The Tudors and my aversion to mowing and weeding my garden has resulted in a jungle appearing out my back yard that is so prolific it is just best I stay indoors from now on.
Yesterday I chose to stray from home and wandered into the city to visit Charlie Lily for designer eyebrows.
In the early nineties I plucked my brows with such a heavy compulsion that they have never been the same since and it was time I did something about them.  It was 1993 and around that time I also had my nose pierced and I recall my mother saying to my father "Oh Jimmy look what she has done to her face"..... and my father said "I like her new nose" and then my mother shrieked "not her nose her EYEBROWS! She HAD such beautiful eyebrows". It always struck me that not even a large silver ring in my nose could divert my mother's attention from what I had done there. Hence my need for the artistry of Charlie Lily's designer brows. The only problem was that I encountered a psycho on the train to the city who tried to steal my iphone. My iphone Clarence Hansel 3rd!!! Can you believe it?  My pride and joy. 
Just at the last second as he came at me from behind my intuition spiked and I was fast enough to keep my phone and my bag, thankfully. But he was so angry he attacked the girl behind me, took her phone and left her with bleeding hands. Everyone on the train was very upset after this commotion and as I sat there kissing and cradling Clarence the iphone, I realised that I needed more than just great eyebrows to make up for this level of unprovoked violence.  So I went to the Theosophical society bookshop and bought a Richard Freeman Ashtanga yoga DVD.  You see I cant go to yoga at the moment because Grandpa the babysitter has gone on vacation and as yoga is such a great outlet for stress- a DVD was the solution to all my problems.  I finally made it home to the haven of my loungeroom and proceeded along with Richard Freeman through the 70 odd asanas, mudras and bandhas (and my cat lying gracefully across my mat in all the wrong places at all the wrong times).  Everything was wonderful. Except.....
Today I cant move!
Can't even walk properly.  
Or bend. 
Forget crafting, what about just being able to sit down?
OUCH! Damn it Freeman what have you done to me?

The upside of all this is my thighs are like rocks.  My buttocks like steel.
And my new eyebrows make me look at least 5 years younger.

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