Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Little Bit of Pride...

Last week I excitedly discovered Meet Me at Mikes Bookclub are reading Pride and Prejudice.  Yay!
As this endearing classic is a beloved favourite of mine, I could not help but join in.
(Any old excuse right?)
But then I devoured this novel ever so quickly that I was left twiddling my thumbs and wishing it was 10 volumes long instead of 3.  So then of course I had to go out and hire the 6 part BBC production starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. (I know you all swoon over that particular Mr Darcy.) The acting is superb and it is a true rendering of the text to the finest detail.
Then, inevitably, came the Keira Knightly Pride and Prejudice film which is not a true rendering at all but the two leads have good chemistry which makes it an ok diversion. 
And now, after living and breathing Jane Austen's world for a whole week , I have only the Lawrence Olivier and Greer Garson 1940 film left to complete my obsession.
How fabulous does it look?

Remember when I made a Jane Eyre Doll?  Check her out here.
I think there may be a little Eliza Bennett idea forming in the coming weeks.
But until then how cool are these Etsy finds for all the Pride and Prejudice admirers out there?
Pride and Prejudice book bag by Rebound Designs

Necklace from Just Be Designs
Mr Darcy quote- 
"In vain I have struggled. It will not do. 
My feelings will not be repressed"....

Early 19th Century replica Bonnet by Regency Regalia.

I think we should all wear a bonnet at least once in our life! 
The Pride and Prejudice book purse is so much my favourite, quite a clever and well executed idea.

It has been the  most satisfactory week for me, swooning all over the place and imagining I too am married to a high born gentleman and have a Pemberley Estate of my own.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grandma Wolf...

The following is based on a true story...

Once upon a time there was a toy maker who was Obsessed with Little Red Riding Hood. 
And she had a son who was so scared of Wolves that he could not sleep alone in his own bed 
for fear that they were hiding there.
One day he went to visit his Grandma with a basket of Easter eggs.
But could not go alone into any of the rooms in her big house 
because he thought the Wolf was hiding there.
Hiding out, under the bed, in every room, even the toilet.

Luckily the toy maker had made her son a Wolf Toy. 
A toy so cute that all his fears would fade away.
She crafted a Wolf dressed up as Grandma with Little Red Riding Hood hiding in the belly. 
With the addition of a floral nightgown, with lace trim.
This little boy could not be scared of a cross dressing Wolf in a Nightgown carrying a tiny doll.
Could he?  Surely not!

Alas he could....
"Oh Grandma, what big lips I have"
"And what a sly grin You have"
"And Grandma what big Hips you have"
"All the better to Hold you with."

And so the toy maker put Grandma Wolf away on a big high shelf,
and went back to the drawing board.

The moral of this story is, don't introduce your children to Wolf stories before they are old enough
or no one will ever get any sleep.