Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bon Voyage Pierre...

Where oh where has little Pierre gone?...
Oh where oh where can he be?

Missing: One Frenchman called Pierre.
First Introduced: Here and Here in April 09.
Last Seen: The Greek Islands July 09.
Known For:  Incident at the Parthenon.
Reward: The happiness of a 2 year old.

Pierre (right) pictured here with Fi Fi "just a friend"
There can only be 3 explanations for his disappearance:

1. Unzipped bag on plane, parachuted into Turkey, possibly captured by pirates?
2. Under the cloak of invisibility he travelled to London and is now dating Prince Harry?
3. He never left Greece and is currently teaching French to young Greek orphans on
Mykonos by day and working on fishing boats by night?

Or perhaps even a Fourth explanation:

4. Was sent home via post to make extra luggage space and was  Lost by Australia Post and will remain forever in the murky depths of the dead letter office.

I'm quietly betting on possibility number 3.

If you see him, Love him.
Or....Remind him of what home looks like.

Home looks like this:

Pierre how I miss thee.

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