Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Place & Yours- On the Shelf...

Have just arrived home from seeing Woody Allen's hilarious new film Whatever Works where the absolutely talented and fabulous Patricia Clarkson completely steals the show.
And I'm sitting at home and thinking what to do now? Thinking....thinking....thinking....when I suddenly discover that Pip from Meet Me At Mikes has gone and got herself a cool Saturday night Meme called:
My Place and Yours....
And todays theme is What's On the Shelf?

So I'm playing along and I think everyone should, just cos its awesome (and she says the word 'totes' which never ceases to amuse me and is in fact a word I hate to love or love to hate).

Here is a shelf....

It is the shelf in Little Jim's room, my friend Macca put it up when he began his apprenticeship as a carpenter.  He really took his time and given the nearby powerpoint, I'm Amazed he didn't electrocute himself. It is also slightly on an angle, yet secure nontheless.
It could be pride? Or a workman's insecurity? But he checks it Every time he's over.

On the Shelf are my original Enid Blyton books my Fairy Godmother gave me as a child.
There is also my beloved copy of Charles Perrault's darkly imagined Little Red Riding Hood which is pictured here with Old Foxy- the squeak toy, who is totes cool.
I have a lovely collection of rubber toys, perhaps I will show them to you sometime.
The feature of the shelf is undeniably Train Night-light, he is freaking awesome.
I found him after 10 years of searching from the Lost and Found Market in Collingwood.
The fact he is a Train is important!
My father Jimmy was a diesel engine train driver for over 30 years and my six siblings and I love trains.
We Heart Trains!
Trains are one of the ways we bring our father alive again.

So that is my Little Jim's shelf, photographed stealthily by me while he is sleeping.
For more On the Shelf action be sure to visit Pip.


  1. I am so glad that Macca didn't zap himself. Phew. Also I have a lovely Perrault fairy tale too... but I can't remember which one, must pull that out! It really does look cosy in Little Jim's room, Miss! Totes cosy, in fact. xx

    ps : thanks for playing!

  2. I have posted a VERY similar picture for thim meme my dear, & have just discovered the fact... *cue spooky music*

    You have a very cool shelf story to share however - I alas, have not, unless people really want to hear about me swearing at IKEA instructions...?

  3. Yes, Train Night-light is totes awesome,and you may have just started a 'totes-fest'.