Friday, March 27, 2009

The day my dolls turned French....

Lately my home has become decidedly French. This is somewhat due to the presence of a tall handsome new French friend and the acquisition of some french books, but recently my dolls have been turning out French also! It all began with Weird Hipped Pierre, a creation for my two year old Mihali Jim. There is no way anyone can deny that Pierre is a french doll. He just seems to exude French-ness, as though he had leapt off my table saying "oh Oui Oui ". (My housemate is almost certain that Pierre is also Gay).

Tomorrow I will post a photo of Pierre, can't do it now as I would have to wrench him from the arms of my sleeping boy. So I present you instead with this Mademoiselle which I made for little Charlie over a very long glass of wine.

I recommend a listen to Vanessa Paradis' Divinidylle if one wishes the appropriate French accompaniment.....

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