Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Film: Bunny and the Bull...

For lovers of  wildly offbeat comedy and inventive visual design- the makers of The Mighty Boosh deliver this incredibly eccentric film about a man called Stephen Turnbull (played by Edward Hogg) who relives a European adventure he took with his best friend Bunny the year before, entirely from within the confines of his flat.  Using snapshots, paper sets, replica landmarks like snow domes and deeply clever use of stop motion, his memories and the characters of the past are beautifully imagined from one side of the room to the other.

The Mighty Boosh comedians Noel fielding (who I love, what with that hair and all) and Julian Barratt appear briefly in the film, the latter in what can only be described as one of  the most grotesquely hilarious scenes I've seen in some time. I saw Noel Fielding at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival many years ago and found him unforgettably brilliant and I just really 'get' his surreal humor. This film is worth seeing for its art direction alone, but definitely an appreciation of absurd, off the wall humor will greatly add to ones enjoyment. Check it out if you dare :)

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