Thursday, April 22, 2010

Creative Space XIV...

Ooh I have had such a big break from Creative Space and am excited to be playing along again.  I have quite a few projects going on at the moment, some quilts, a silk scarf design, some knitted things and am trying very hard to finish off all my unfinished projects, the ones I have been putting off  because I have lost steam along the way.  I could never decide for instance how to finish off this Bird Boy until thankfully someone gave me another Lindt Chocolate Bunny with this bow that I can put to good use. These vintage buttons from Cheeky Little Monsters are my favourite and I always want to use them but have a strong dislike of button sewing. (These are pinned on, but I'm getting there, really I am.)
Sometimes I think my dolls look almost scary when they are inside out, stitches EVERYWHERE as I'm so particular about reinforced seams.  And then when they are turned out they look almost cute, but oh so strange until finally they are stuffed and dressed and then they are my little friends and I love each and every one.  Well this Sailor girl above is somewhere in that 'between' world- not yet loved but no longer seeming like she was cobbled together by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.  (I'm reading this at the moment and Gothic literature is so exquisite- it makes me want to recline on my 1950's sofa and sigh heavily all day with a hand to my brow).

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  1. It sounds like a lot of creativity is going on at your place. Sounds lovely. {your link went perhaps your last cs post in February, where you weren't feeling well, hope ~ and it sounds ~ that things have improved?}

  2. Ah thanks so much, I will re link again so that people don't think I'm stuck in a ground hog day moment. :)

  3. you have a lovely blog, so nice to visit today, glad you have linked up again.

  4. Hi Neen, your doll is gorgeous. thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, yes I am the same Jess, and am still going to the deli.

  5. I couldn't stop thinking of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein the first time I made a softie. The process was eerie, possibly even surreal, certainly unsettling... that was until it was all stuffed. It took me a while to bond with my first softie... but over time fondness has grown.
    Loving your dolls.
    ...oh yeah - and good luck finishing everything. No better feeling than a project completed.

  6. Hi Neen, your doll's scary? NO WAY! what they are is unique & adorable and i am oh-so-much in love with your pussycat she for sale??

    btw i also am in LOVE with gothic's simply swoony-exquisite, isn't it?!

    thanks so much for your lovely comment on my hexagon-kitty quilt :)

  7. Your dolls are looking terrific & well passed the Frankenstein faze.

  8. If I could convince you to weave in all my granny square ends, I will promise to sew on your every button from now until eternity. Deal?