Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mad Hatters Third...

We celebrated the Third Birthday of my son Mihali Jim recently with a Mad Hatters Tea Party.

It started with an invitation.
And then a costume...
  I found the invite image many moons ago whilst traversing cyber space looking for a sneak preview of Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland opening soon.

The White Rabbit costume was fun to make.  I used a vintage suit that Little Jim wore to my neice's wedding and removed the sleeves to make a vest.  I embroidered the clock face and then made the ears knowing he would wear them only momentarily.
He wore them only momentarily....
 I am very particular about cakes.  Some would say I'm too particular.  I grew up with a Mother who constantly baked an amazing assortment of cakes, pavlovas and slices.  Every day in my school lunch there would be Golden Wattle cake or Lemon slice...and endless list of culinary delights.  
As a consequence of this- cakes need to be exceptional for me to take an interest in them.
Which is why I asked BB to make the Birthday Cake.  

This is BB...
She made her famous Chocolate Pavlova.
Its neither too sweet or too chocolatey.
Not too much cream, just the right amount of raspberries.
It is perfect. 
It is freaking delicious.
But I didn't have enough cake to go around. (Sigh!)
So it was lucky that my amazing Rachel helped me make other cakes.
Giant chocolate cupcakes with ganache and tiny hearts.
We had an Alice.
The beautiful Lucia in her wisdom was able to masterfully aid the 3 year olds at game time.
We also had a Mad Hatter and the Red Queen of course.
(BB made Aunty Rosie's top hat, it is an extraordinary work of millinery achievement.)
I also made a top hat, but out of cardboard and not so much of an achievement. Although it is still structurally maintained it is covered in tiny cake hand prints.
The Birthday boy somewhat suffered from Character confusion.  He was the white rabbit one minute then he was Buzz Lightyear and then suddenly Mad Buzz.
He loves dressing up at the moment.  Sometimes he has 5 superhero changes a day.
There was also Pin the Smile on the Cheshire.  This was really fun.  I had pass the parcel as well but unfortunately had to cancel Mad Dancing and Musical Chairs as it was 35 degrees and we were Meeeeeeeeelting.
Mihali Jim received an amazing array of lovely toys. Manni and I gave him the Plan Toys railway from Eco Toys and friends gave him matching wooden toys to go with it.
But it was simply this Woody doll from Aunty Rosie that won his heart that day and every other since the moment he opened it.
I am often woken at 3am to the sound of Woody crawling into bed beside me.
He says cowboy stuff when you pull the string.
It was a wonderful day, full of yummy food and family and friends, spritely little ones and crazy hats and way too much Sparkling wine.
A most memorable day indeed.


  1. Oh what a great day. I am SO bloody excited about that movie. Maybe we should that for our weekend of fun? Book tickets now... I can't wait to see Pas' dad as Bayard the Bloodhound and the soundtrack spinoff looks amazing!

  2. Oh yes let us do book tickets to Gold class so we can have sparkling delivered throughout.