Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creative Space XIII...

Today I have quite a bit to sew for the Made n Thornbury Market this Saturday, including dresses for dolls, little bird and bee rattles and hopefully I will have time to craft some Valentine's cards too.
I was hoping to complete most of said sewing yesterday but we had a terrible accident in the house.
My son acquired a 4 inch iron burn on his gorgeous little leg.  I feel so hideous about it.
He somehow climbed up onto the table where the iron was resting and even though he just touched his calf to it for a second, the strip of burn was incredibly painful for him.
The worst thing about it is I had gone to great pains to keep him out of that room all morning.  I repeatedly mentioned that the iron was on in there and it was safer to play in the lounge.  But in some kind of reckless 3 year old abandon he made a run for it and insisted on remaining in the room, so I moved the iron to an out of the way table, but alas....
I turned my back for a second to the sewing machine and then for some reason he climbed.  He will probably regret that climb for the rest of his life, as it will most likely scar.  It looks so sore and nasty.
I cannot even believe it happened.  I feel all the Catholic guilt in the world, I feel all the jewish guilt, even though I'm neither Catholic or Jewish.  I feel all the guilt of mankind.  
That beautiful little leg.  Scarred. And its all my fault.

So that's where I'm at, sewing, lamenting.... I have 10 toys for the market and 6 dresses.  I'm certainly not the most prolific of crafters, but then again sometimes less is more.....??

Please tell me sometimes less is more.
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  1. Less is more!

    Sorry about the burn - I'd feel awful too. You poor thing & your poor little guy.

  2. your dolls are wonderful! good luck at the market on Saturday!
    Accidents happen, hugs and savlon to you and your little man:)

  3. Oh no you poor things! Irons terrify me. I hope he feels better soon and that you have a great market on the weekend.

  4. Oh Neen, you poor dear, and sweet MJ!
    Don't blame yourself, blame Manni for giving him the crazy genees.
    It probably won't scar. Little paople have amazing self healing powers. Escher once burnt his arm on the generator at the farm and he had Briggs & Stratton branded on him! It was SO deep, poor dear. There is no trace of it now if that's any consolation xx

  5. Thanks Tan, I do feel a bit better about it now you have told me it probably wont scar forever. xx