Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oooh some lovliness.....

Today I have decided to chat to you about random stuff and not show you any photos of my week of craft whatsoever. I Have been doing lots of sewing for the upcoming Made 'n Thornbury Market but everything seems to be unfinished and forming little puddles around my home in a topsy turvy kind of crazy way.  But there is some kind of method to my madness... I think??

Firstly- I am very excited about the summer.....

I cannot wait for the weather to become consistent here in Melbourne.  Oh when will it ever?
My own garden is a mess at the moment.  I'm embarassed about it but aim to have it fabulously planted for my annual Christmas party which will actually be combined this year with my annual croquet match.
A Very Croquet Christmas.
Surely that can work.

Marty came up with the brilliant idea of having Kitch Kris Kringle this year after she fatefully received a dirty old vaccuum cleaner at last years Krap Kringle. Krap Kringle was the funniest group present unwrapping I have Ever been to.  But I think Kitch Kringle will be just as humerous.

I have been thinking a lot about presents, but have actually sorted none.
Last year my family received handmade gingerbread, florentines and heart and bird shaped shortbread.
This year I was thinking of  making Lemon and Rose water cordial. I would need to find beautiful bottles. The queen of craft Martha Stewart has a great 'How To' for turning an ordinary glass bottle into a lovely vase. But as for finding beautiful bottles for cordial I have no idea???

I can already tell I will be slow sending off my Christmas cards again this year.  My sisters Julianne and Rosie have an unspoken rivalry between them about who will get their cards out first.  It's pretty funny, they are earlier and earlier each year.
My card making last Christmas led me to fall in love with Elsa Mora the most amazing artist/crafter/fashionista and whenever I check in on her I am utterly blown away at the magnitude of her papercut imaginings.

And lastly I will leave you with this lovely free Christmas Calender from 74 Lime Lane, you can download it and print it and put it on your fridge like I have done so I can keep track of all the millions of little things to do for the countdown to Christmas. I'm off to play Kamahl now, I love that his album is sponsored by BP??? And the way he sings The Little Drummer Boy touches me somewhere deep inside. Cheers.

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