Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creative Space XI...

Today I am pretty much like Kirsty who hosts Creative Space over at Kootoyoo, finishing off all my projects and getting ready for Christmas.
I have a terrible tendency to start something and then become distracted by some other venture- so today is all about Completion.  Especially as the Made In Thornbury Market is only 2 days away.

Here is my Kitchen table...

This particular table was once my Nanna Molly's and then it was my Mum's and now it is mine and that may have something to do with why I love sitting at it.  I have a seperate sewing space but it just does not invite me in like this table does. I also like to do all my embroidery on my couch and only at night.

Here is a close up of some faces that will become my Mama and Baby dolls in the next few hours. Well.... Hopefully!

A face for Little Red Riding Hood for my Thread Den order.
This little flock of birds need some stuffin. (Can see how they will remain this way until the last possible minute...)

And the Beeeees, the Beeeeeeeees.

Hey wouldn't it be great if I remember to photograph the finished toys before they sell this time!!!!!!

Here are some realisations-
  • You can lure an obstinate Birman Pussycat away from precious fabrics by placing a woollen blanket on the workspace as well.  Then you need to take her off the blanket 2 or 3 times to prove that it is also precious and then finally she will settle there thus saving your fabrics from catness.
  • You can place a lamp underneath an ironing board as a very easy light box for tracing faces.
  • Sewing Velvet to Cotton is freaking hideous and therefore I don't recommend it. 
  • Sometimes the faces of dolls resemble your friends but never, never ever tell that particular friend about the likeness you alighted upon.
As this is the last Creative Space for 2009, make sure you head over to Kirsty's to check them all out.


  1. I really enjoyed this post! Your work is lovely and I wish I could come to the market to have a better look, hope it goes well and Merry Christmas to you!! xo

  2. Very busy and very cute! Thanks for the velvet/cotton tip!

  3. The velvet cotton thing may be that I just bought too stretchy velvet, maybe it is just something to do with my machine settings. ???

  4. Hehehe... the cat tip made me laugh! Bloody cats... ;)

    Love your table... you have some wicked furniture m'lady!