Thursday, November 26, 2009

Creative Space IX...

"The Bees....The Beeeeeeeees......." *

Today I'm playing along again with Kirsty, I have not had a chance to do this in a while, but it is not because I've not been creative- it is because, quite frankly, I am a very lazy photographer. There, I said it.  
I am totally confounded as to why I find it so utterly difficult to pull out a Digital camera, set it to Auto,then point and shoot! Especially after spending long years in the dark room doing all of this myself- developing, pushing, cross processing, enlarging, burning, dodging.... now I do it by plugging the camera in and clicking on one or two buttons with Canon Software.... oh goodness lazy old me!

Today's Creative Space takes place on my couch.  

I am making more of the Bee Boy Rattles in the beautiful Kokka fabric from Kelani.

I bought this linen Bee print fabric so long ago and have been waiting to find matching corderoy.  Where do people buy good quality corderoy I wonder? Usually I just stumble upon it by accident in my frequent thrift shop pilgrimages.  This corderoy is Colonel Mustard yellow and black.
Bee boy is getting new wings sketched today as his sample wings were too big and made turning out difficult.
See how beautiful the print is.
Bees drinking tea is really too cute.

I drew his face on as a way of reducing time, it takes about 13 seconds to draw as opposed to 10 minutes to embroider.  But I do love embroidered faces so. Perhaps I will do some of each.
My kitchen has a creative space of its own at the moment as I have started making my Christmas cards for my lovely brothers and sisters. And I cannot tell you what is materialising in my sewing space as it is a project for next week, however I promise to be more adept at photographing my little creative ventures from this moment forth.
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*Quote from Job, Arrested Development Season 2, if you have not seen this series you must endeavor to do it very soon as it is clever and witty and ever so endearing.


  1. I wonder if the tea is sweetened with honey ? What a beauty of a bee.

  2. I am so with you on this. My problem is taking the photo and then plugging the camera into the computer... its so involved!! Of course much less involved than the trip to the darkroom or photo lab, but there you go... The bee fabric is just lovely. :)

  3. That looks like a very comfy crafty spot. I like your bee, he is very cute! I buy my corduroy from a local fabric warehouse :)

  4. Nice and cozy!! Love the fabric and little sweet

  5. Um, so I know your post is about your pretty wee bees & your crafty endeavours... I do.


    Your couch IS AWESOME. I love it. I may even need it. Lovely.

    As for getting the damn camera out - I was like that, but you just have to *try* & make it a habit take at least one photo everyday, of anything at all. Soon you'll not be able to go without getting the camera out!!

    Good luck!

  6. Lovely bee!
    I know good corderoy is difficult to find - but thankfully very durable & so good for upcycling.

  7. Oh! I am totally loving those little bees!
    Just delightful :-)

  8. Oooh that bee linen is just so sweet! I think I'd have trouble cutting into that one.

  9. Don't you love the thrift shop fabric finds... except when you want more! The bees are gorgeous.