Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thread Den Market Day...

Finally I have been afforded a quiet little moment to sit down and relax in my newly arranged lounge room and post about the North Melbourne Market day last Sunday, which was hosted by Thread Den.
The Thread Den girls were so very welcoming and the amazing Lithuanian club was all abuzz with good cheer as another beautiful sunny day was delivered to Melbourne.
The venue was a large maze of rooms, so the market was spread out front and back and upstairs and through the halls.  My stall was in the ballroom which had chandelier lighting and was a perfect atmosphere for selling vintage clothes as well as handmade crafts.

As I am living alone with my son now and am sometimes sewing to 2am- I tend to lose perspective on what I'm actually creating and wonder if people will appreciate the end of my labours.  But what I loved about the market was that people were genuinely encouraging and my toys were well received.  I think it is important to get such positive feedback.

I was particularly thankful when a wide eyed 7 year old exclaimed that this little Monsieur on the left was the most beautiful toy ever.

Cheeky Little Monsters buttons sold consistently over the course of the day but probably not as crazily as I imagined.  I had 2 large suitcases of them and my favorite selection in this lovely 50's basket.  Children really liked them, so I was often selling one button from here or there and it reminded me of my own childhood button fettish, I was obsessed by their shiny sparkling goodness.  I still am obsessed if the truth be known, particularly if they are of the vintage persuasion. I do believe that these buttons will find their place in the future somehow and someday.

I sold some of my collection of vintage clothes as well.  This is my personal collection, so it was wrought with emotional difficulty when the time came to price them.  I found myself telling people when my son had worn a particular item and what we had done that day.  But I know I cannot keep everything forever, so it is wonderful to know that others will appreciate the beauty and elegance of a garment that was designed 30 or 40 years ago and is still going strong. 

For some extraordinarily daft reason I forgot to photograph my handmade shirring dresses, which look like this but were in different fabrics. There was one dress made from lovely light Japanese cotton that had splashes of violet coloured flowers that I wanted to show you.  Ah alas I cannot.  But I think I will go searching for the fabric again because it was incredibly beautiful and quite 50's looking.  When I showed this fabric to my best friend she said that she had actually dreamed of her daughter wearing the very same fabric when she was pregnant!!!!!!!

So there in lies a snippet of my time at the market.  I believe everyone else had a great day as well, but I cannot be sure as I was pretty much bound to my table for the day except for a brief wander around.  I did however love the calendars by Able and Game and the beautiful table set up of  Spin Spin Handmade

Any market that combines my two greatest loves- Vintage and Handmade, has found a friend in me. :)

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous darling!! I love love love your work!!!
    Love the new look of your blog as well :)