Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creative Space VII

My Creative Space began in a garden beside a beautiful rare Ombu tree.
We call it the Faery Tree because of all the winged creatures we imagine inhabit it's branches.

An inspirational space for drawing faces of particular creatures.
Today it is Monsieur and a feline friend.

I believe it is possible for a bunny rabbit and a pussy cat to fall in Love.
But time will tell.....

Under the watchful eye of Kameko, I finished the embroidery this morning.
Kameko has lately been under the weather, but thankfully using grey wool won her over.
I now have 6 faces covered in a mass of white cat hair, waiting for me to select their wardrobe.

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter where hopefully these faces find bodies.
And check out Kootoyoo for more Creative Spaces...


  1. Lovely little faces! I really like your blog too!

  2. fantastic creative space....drooling here...:)

  3. what a special "space" with a happy "helper"

  4. Those faces are great! We have a 'fairy tree' on the walk to school :) K

  5. The faces look so great. I love the sunny photo.

  6. Oh I am jealous of your gorgeous outside space...The faces are darling.

  7. Yes it is a beautiful garden, but what I started in this sunny garden last Sunday- I finished yesterday morning huddled beside my heater listening to the rain...again.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments.x

  8. What a lovely spot. Love Monsieur's face!