Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Creative Space VI...


My Creative Space on this fabulous rainy Thursday in Melbourne is sifting through all my new buttons and op-shop aquisitions and trying to spring clean my sewing space.  My collection of haberdashery is starting to take over my house, really and truly and to be honest I ran out of cupboard space a long time ago and yet I am still collecting..... Here are some of the latest finds.
Some very cute fabric from Leongatha Salvation Army op shop and some amazing leather buttons from a thrift shop in Korumburra.  (So much better than the fake ones made of plastic that were big in the 70s).

While we are on the subject of buttons, check out these lovely ones I received from Tania at Cheeky Little Monsters on the weekend. They are fantastic, but once again I ask myself "where do I store them" because, lets face it, it will take a lifetime of sewing to use them all.

Is it just me or are these knitting books Camp or what?  'That Unhurried Look'- surely is because you would not be seen outside your house in jumpers such as these! And what is with the chess champion?

This one is my favourite, I bought it from St Vinnies for my friend John who totally adores 80's woollen jumbers (and he can pull off wearing them too).  I love that it is for men only, which kind of gives it a 'wool porn' feel and raises the question- are the fantastically hideous jumpers enclosed within Only to be viewed by Men?  Or can they Only be Knitted by them????



Lastly here are some other recent op-shop purchases. This really pretty 70's acrylic knit is too small for me but I have been squeezing into it all the same, because it is awesome. The practical guide to crochet is the sort of book I always dream of finding and finally have. And as for the 80's bikini pattern- well I just could not say no!

So that is really all I am up to today. Once everything is put away (read 'shoved' away), then I can begin the next creative project, I have a few markets coming up so I had best put on my skates as my mother would say :)

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  1. Cameron Daddo in that knitted jumper...absolute gold!