Saturday, September 19, 2009

Coveting 1950's Dresses.....

As I am being incredibly lazy at the moment, having neither started a new project or finished off an old one, I thought I would share with you these amazing 50's dresses I have been coveting on Ebay.  They are simply exquisite and flattering in their design- the fitted bodice with full skirt and tulle petticoat, the pin tucks and bows and beautiful fabrics.  I happened upon them whilst looking for inspiration to make vintage style dolls dresses. Now I just imagine wearing them myself and picturing how much more amazing my life would be if I wore a different one each day.  For the last week I have been tucking myself up in bed early with a cup of tea and watching the first season of True Blood, so it may be some time before I have any of my own creative little things for show and tell, until then enjoy these dresses and my new 'Spring look' blog. :)





  1. Aren't they fabulous, I love the pink one *sigh*.

  2. Oh, those dresses are utterly divine! They make me want to travel back in time 50 or 60 years just to be able to wear them! Then I think about pipes and slippers and Leave it to Beaver and I take it all back, lol.

  3. Not to mention the need for a Corset! Or other heavy duty underwear to cinch the waist in to barbie doll proportions. But so beautiful and glamorous all the same:)