Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Court of Versailles...

I finally went to the Nova to see The September Issue tonight and I absolutely loved it.  The film is a behind the scenes look at the enigmatic personalities that create American Vogue, most notably the legendary Editor in Chief- Anna Wintour.  My favourite scene was when Grace is styling a photo shoot at the Palace of Versailles and is spellbound by the majestic gardens.  Watching her excitment build as she walks through the vast rooms admiring the ornate splendour, reminded me of my own wanderings through the Palace and I have been inspired to share my photos with you.  Such a perfect place to photograph.


Opulently constructed in the 17th Century to fulfill King Louis XIV's vision for a new royal court, Versailles is incredibly elaborate and so exquisite in detail.  I love the bust of Marie Antoinette and the king and queen bedrooms respectively (below), the ornate chandeliers, the gardens, oh I love it all.  So totally appealing to my girlish sense of history and romance, life and death, just as any good palace should.

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