Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Creative Space V

Today my Creative Space is having a hair crisis!  A seriously terrible, perplexing, gigantic mess of a hair problem.  Sometimes no matter what I do I just cannot get my own hair to look good and now this affliction has transferred itself to my dolls.  Having tried so many variations over time on this doll, I set about today to remedy the situation, but alas- no success (again).  Perhaps she will forever remain unfinished. I have decided to give up and work on my photo albums instead.  Try Try again, another day, maybe when the rain has cleared things will start to look up.  :)

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  1. Aaaw her hair looks lovely, (as i'm sure yours does)
    you gotta admire a girl who is brave enough to go with blue hair!

  2. She looks great! Well maybe she needs to blow that little bit of fringe out of the way on the right, but I'm sure when the rain clears it will come good. I can never get my hair to do what I want when its raining...

  3. I think that is true about the rain, the atmospheric pressure perhaps. Definitely she needs to blow that wisp of fringe away...