Friday, May 8, 2009

Famous Blue Raincoat

I love Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen. I am sitting here learning it on guitar and decided to share it with you. I find it very meaningful, I always have. Recently I saw Leonard sing it and I found that seeing him live- his inflections and so forth, rendered the song with new meaning. Now I find different meaning in this song all the time. I love this line:

"Thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes,
I thought it was there for good, so I never tried."

So poignant, I love the humanity in being able to say these words to a friend who betrayed you.

Let me know if you have any thoughts, I love sharing ideas on music. Now enough of my ranting, I promise to be back to the business of crafting very soon :)


  1. Wow... I love that song too, it's not often you here someone refer to it though. I once found myself in a situation where I could really relate to this song, and it's always been a little precious to me, it articulated what I was feeling so well... where as most people in my life were devaluing those feelings...

  2. Leonard Cohen is a beautiful story teller, I lyrics speak a lot about my life sometimes too.

  3. Just Beautiful...can't wait to hear your version!