Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Creative Space III...

I just arrived home from a little pilgrimage to Gippsland and have acquired these fabulous new items for my vintage pattern collection. As I was flipping through one of the early 80's knitting books I excitedly discovered my friend was modelling one of the jumpers. I can't wait to send her a photo of it and say "surprise"!
My mum showed me once again how to crochet (she is a Very patient woman) and I have started making something from the Patons Little Gems book.
I am also pleased to say that I completed my first knitting project for the year- a mohair scarf, which I was finishing as my friend arrived to take me to the theatre last night. Such a cold night, I'm so glad I had my scarf to wear.

Left to Right:

  • A 1970's Patons Swiftaknit for Junior Jetters- The toddler modelling this awesome outfit is actually sitting in a cockpit. It's hysterical.
  • Patons Little Gems crochet bag pattern book.
  • Simplicity toy pattern from 1966.
  • Mohair scarf
  • Leatherbound classics- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island and some Dickens.
  • 1960's Patons knitting book where everyone looks a little too nice. The men smoke pipes and the patterns have names like Carl and Gwyneth.
  • Shiny Red buttons.
  • The beginnings of a hat (for myself) in blue 8 ply cotton.
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  1. Vintage knitting books are great, aren't they? Good on your mum for showing you how to crochet. That's certainly something on my list. Mum..

  2. You can't beat vintage. They're the best!

  3. Wow...Gippsland was good to you.

  4. I went to write something about your post but got distracted by your beautiful dolls (AGAIN!). Great finds in Gippsland though and how exciting that you are crocheting too!

  5. I hope that your friend also has some really bad hair in the picture. For extra embarassment points!

  6. Actually my friend looks stunning in the photo, it is amazing. I realize now that the knitting book is in fact late 70's so her hair escapes what could have been a monstrous 80's perm.

  7. What great vintage finds!

  8. that bag book looks like a great find

  9. Great finds! Good luck with the crochet.