Friday, May 29, 2009

Tucked Up In Bed...

Once upon a time Little Jim slept only with Luvy Monster who he would tuck under his arm and sleep joyfully through the night with. One day Nanna Panna, in what was sensationally deemed a post-modern move, gave him Dolly for his name day gift. Little Jim loved Dolly instantly and gave her prime position upon his pillow in the night time. Early in the year a Frenchman, named Pierre, came into the life of Little Jim and so it was Luvy, it was Dolly and now Pierre in there, tucked up all together. And yet it seems not a month goes by without another toy creeping its way into the fold, we now have Owl, Bunny and Mr Peculiar, each with its own night time ritual and position in the cot. Going off to bed can be a drawn out affair these days, with all the stories, hunting, kissing, placing and tucking in. But it must be a wonderful place to be, all the cool toys want to be there and so does Pussy- who has a magical ability to surmount all opposing forces and walk through walls to get within that warm and cosy good-night realm.

Tucked Up In Bed is hosted by Pip


  1. Love it! I'm gonna have to write my own- a memory of my mum hit me when I read this.
    So glad my lovey has friends in Mihali's bed. Will you have to take them all away with you?

  2. I believe we will take Luvy and Dolly away, not sure what to do about books?