Sunday, April 19, 2009

Six Dresses in Six Days...

I chose some pretty florals to make these little dresses and based
them on a pattern from 1973. This technique is called Shirring and
it is no longer the lost craft of our Grandmothers due to renewed
interest in all things vintage. I believe the secret to shirring is good
quality elastic and drawing your lines on to your fabric first, this
makes it easier to achieve perfect lines. For two dresses I decided
to do an invisible hem!!! I know, what was I thinking? I am only just
learning, which is evident in the fourth picture above where my
*invisible* hem is clearly visible. Normal hems for the rest. Hee Hee.
Now I have six new items for the market in Thornbury in 2 weeks.
Hopefully by then I will have a few more beautiful little things.


  1. Gorgeous Neeness!! I'll certainly be needing a few of those for Charlie in the future!

  2. The dresses are so cute and are made of such cute fabrics! I brought the same fabric as the dress in the bottom left, for a quilt. I love it. :)