Thursday, April 16, 2009

The one where I am obsessed by a tablecloth...

Here are some fabulous new acquisitions featured
with a vintage table cloth I fell in love with.....

I had wonderful plans for the Easter break to consist
entirely of galloping creativity and an unprecedented
burst of inspiration. But the simple truth is I spent it
foraging in my Mother's house for trinkets and going
to markets and antique stores in Gippsland. Which is
my favourite thing in the world to do of course.

So here is my new tablecloth from the Kongwak Market
which I was eyeing only from a distance until my friend
Tania gave me a reason to purchase. Ahh a true friend!
The beaded purse once belonged to my Aunt Eileen, the
Pearl brooch is from my mum and the freaking awesome
Snakeskin purse was $2 from a shop in Loch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually also tried to purchase a vintage sewing basket
but a divine and impossibly old lady gave it to me as a gift.
Can you believe it? A gift! God I love the country.

The little doll basking here in the glory of my tablecloth
is really my only Easter completion, but I have been working
on some dresses which are coming soon......

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