Friday, April 24, 2009

Made 'n' Thornbury...

Finally here is some information about the new Made n Thornbury Market, where I will be sharing a table with the lovely Cheeky Little Monsters. Come along, it is the cutest market, environmentally aware, very small, undercover and reminiscent of a C.W.A country market. And we like that! Of course I am yet to fill my side of the table. Running around after Little Jim most of my day. It is uncanny how any time I sit down with Janome (Jay Nome as she is affectionately known) Little Jim needs a cuddle at that exact moment. Recently I discovered that it actually IS possible to sew with 2 year old on knee and Birman cat on sewing machine. You just have to watch out for fingers and big fluffy tails. The upside is, crafting has never been so entertaining.

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