Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Selling of the Dolls....

It is official, my dolls have all sold.  I never really knew if they would or not, but they have and I am very pleased.  Especially because they have gone to wonderful loving homes.  And that is important.  I like to think of my little cloth friends tucked up somewhere warm and cosy, being admired and looked after well.

Otherwise I may not have been able to part with them at all.
They are being sold almost exclusively through Thread Den right now, but this blog has helped of course.  I have been tentatively thinking about having an Etsy store or a Made It perhaps, but I must confess to you all that I don't love sitting at a computer for hours working things out.  I know many clever people that can do this with ease.  But it is just not my bag.

Perhaps you creative computer people out there can send me some positive internetishness brainwaves?

So now I guess I shall begin creating some new ones. I have become a little obsessed with the Pussycat Dolls, which were so admired. (Below) And as always there would have to be a Red Riding Hood in there.  I thought it may be interesting to work in porcelain again, which I have not done for 10 years.  Maybe a porcelain sailor girl with tattoos????

Anyway just a thought.  In the meantime I am planting out my veggie garden and adding some more to my herb garden (chamomile, peppermint and echinacea).

Hopefully the garden and the dolls will flourish all at once. :)


  1. Your dolls (and bees) are so beautiful. I'm sure the next ones will be as well. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. Lou.