Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winters Beginning- Creative Space...

 My friend Angelina gave me this wonderful vintage Bunny lamp for my collection of rubber toys. 
Is he not fabulous? Those Eyes!
He has nothing to do with my creative space though, I just wanted to have him in the background because he is so cute.
Today I am working on Rose, Lavender and Spice scented dolls for wardrobes and drawers.
 I made some for my last market as little extras and they were very well received.
I had one Rose left over so I put it on a hanger in my new wardrobe.  
And now my clothes smell Beautiful. I am completely loving myself to ridiculous proportions because I smell so good! My day is so much brighter now.
So today I am making more to have on hand as gifts for friends.
I bought the lovely fabric at GJ's in Brunswick specifically to make the pot pourri dolls as I had some beautiful dried roses, organic lavender and also some spice pot pourri that I needed to use up.

So simple to make, I just lined the front and back of the fabric with thick iron on pellon (fusible fleece) to provide softness, then sewed them and filled them lightly with one of the three scents.

I can't wait to put a lavender scented doll in with my woollens.  I had such a terrible time with moths in my house, but never again.

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  1. gosh, i do love these. wouldnt mind a few myself...beautiful .x

  2. these are just the cutest! what a fabulous idea

  3. Oh yummy, i love lavander! And how pretty the little dolls look, fab idea!

  4. These are the best looking lavender/rose sachets I think I've ever seen! They are so sweet. I love having my clothes smell like roses too.

  5. That is so beautiful. I always used to curl my nose at those lavender bags my mother put in every wardrobe, but I know how useful they are. Having something that's useful AND beautiful is always a win!

  6. Hi!
    I just came over from Our Creative Spaces.
    Your blog's ever so cute!
    I'm following....

  7. I love pot pourri! These pot pourri dolls look so cute. Do you sell these?