Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Celebrating Julia...

Warning Politics! The below entry contains absolutely nothing to do with Craft.

Wow! A history making day for Australia as our first ever female Prime Minister is sworn in by our first female Governor-General.  What an amazing day. It is with happiness that I celebrate not only the fact that she is a woman- but that she sits to the left of the labour party, is clearly intelligent and handles herself better than any other politician I can speak of.  

When an unmarried, childless woman who speaks straight from the heart and holds genuine care for the health and education of ordinary Australians steps up to such a high position- I'm thinking that is quite a feat unto itself and is something to truly celebrate indeed. 

Go Julia.

(Now if we could just get rid of Tony Abbott and let Julie Bishop lead the opposition then the next election will become a Julie and Julia battle and I think that sounds like a much more interesting contest.)


  1. Isn't it wonderful. A great day indeed.

  2. yay!!
    let's hope it all comes together in november, a bit sad for K Rudd though.