Sunday, April 4, 2010

The fundamentals of Hats and High Tea...

Every year at St Lawrences Catholic School we were subjected to the Easter Bonnet Parade.....
(My hats were all quite forgettable, especially Grade 2 and that ice-cream container monstrosity)

They were nothing like this for instance-
Or this in fact.
Kimono Ken riding a Hmong headpiece rodeo style was sadly absent from my Primary School experience.
I firmly believe when celebrating with High Tea one can never be too lavish.
Nor too gastronomically indulgent.
Less is never more for example.
I do maintain that the more preposterous the millinery creation-
the greater the appeal to the audience.
One can never be too over the top or too daring.
Nor should one feel the need to relinquish their cocktail during the Parade,
it only adds to the overall feel of the show.
One should choose their surroundings well and be not afraid to stalk that runway.
And finally the odd channeling of an iconic style queen here and there should never be underestimated.

I hope these notes do help you if you are ever prone to this kind of ludicrous activity and please remember- the more angular or perpendicular the hat- the greater the prize pool. :)

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