Monday, February 15, 2010

To Market to Market...

  The Thornbury Market was on again yesterday and I did quite well, despite the rain.
I famously forgot to photograph my stall until after I had made sales (will I ever learn?) but I really enjoyed the day and loved the social atmosphere of the new location.  Due to the hall being renovated the stalls were set up in the Thornbury Womens Neighborhood House.  Which has a little play area, so the children were vastly happy.  Happy children make for relaxed parents and many of the visitors to my stall were chatty and shared great ideas with me about my Thornbury community.  Met some lovely new people too.
And we like that. 
My 'Valentine inspired but not necessarily Valentine' cards sold like hot cakes.
These little Kokka prints are so adorable.  I'm going to make more one day.
I was left with one however to give to a certain special someone???
The Bee rattles sold well again. I know this is a terrible photo, but hey- lucky there is a one at all! Some things were sold without me ever having a picture of them.

I truly love the Birds and the Bees.
The birds had little squeakers inside them.
This little madam didn't sell.  I cannot understand why? I'm in love with her.  
Her name is Iris, she is intelligent and well educated and important in the science community. 
But she has a wild side, oh my she certainly does.
She is most famous for saying "E=MC Hammer".
And she just whispered to me (as many people do) that I should start an Etsy store.  
Well Iris we will have to see about that....
This little Red Riding Hood was sold to a doll collector.  Always an honour when someone that already has many dolls can make room for one more.  I know she will be well cared for and it makes me feel shiney.
My summer frocks never sell well on rainy cold Melbourne days.  There is just something about that phenomena, if I was selling woolly scarves they would have been a hit. 
I totally understand though, when I was a young girl I could never dress my dolls in woolens during the summer or my Barbies in their bathers on a cold Gippsland autumnal day.
But I sold a pretty green dress and will not need to sew any more of these for the North Melbourne Market in 2 weeks and I'm quietly relieved about that. 

I really love Thornbury, I wish it had a bigger market where all of us Thornbury crafters could have a stall at the same time.  There are so many of us.  It is craft central here. :)


  1. It was lovely to see you again. Your things are absolutely beautiful. Lou.

  2. You are super awesome Neeness. I want to buy everything of yours for miss Charlie (and for me).They are just beautiful. I LOVE the cards and I also love the little display box with the bunting- genius! God I love bunting. E = MC Hammer mawah ha ha ha!!!

  3. sounds like you had a fabulous day.
    I LOVE Made n Thornbury, such a great atmosphere.
    I too forgot to take a photo of my stall..argghhhh!!!
    maybe I'll meet you at the next one.

  4. hi, thanks for visiting!
    pop down to preston market, the cake decorating shop there has them.