Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Place & Yours- My Secret Weapon

I very much enjoy this weeks theme for Pip's My Place and Yours, which was excellently chosen by My Bricole, as it gives me a chance to talk about my beloved boot collection, undoubtedly my greatest weapons and now no longer a secret at all.

Boots are my Boyfriend. I'm practically married to them!
Here let me show you some:

 They are from trips to Barcelona, Paris and London, Leongatha and Bendigo and Savers in Greensborough.
Sales at Fluevog and Camper and birthday shopping on Brunswick Street. My God, they have been retrieved from rivers and jealous ex-boyfriends, been lost in Amsterdam, up mountains, in temples and danced to Bowie, The Cure, Nick Cave and countless others.

They know everything about me and have the power to make me feel amazing or stylish or crazy or flirty or just plain cool...
I have never had a bad day in my well worn Brazillian tan boots.
I bought burgundy cowboy boots moments after my first ultrasound.  I actually wore them the night my partner left and Martha Wainwright mentioned she liked them.
I have a pair of Amazing boots that are soooo difficult to walk in,  I keep them in the shed so I can't be tempted and break an ankle.
The black cowboy boots are the ones I have owned the longest.
Somedays I think the boots wear me.

I really need to take better care of them.  They look exhausted!
Many of them had incredible lives even before I knew them.
Oh to think what they have seen.  I blush just thinking about it.

So that's enough about the boots. Now I urge you to check out more of our Secret Weapons here.


  1. Ooooo I love love love the reddish cowboy boots in the last pic on the right! Absolutely Excellent Weapon!

  2. So many boots and so much history. Wonderful secret weapon

  3. You are::
    a) fancy
    b) fashionable
    c) foxy

    You are.


  4. ooooohhh what a FAB post..makes me blush just to think of what they might have been exposed too!!! those red cowboy boots have been around the block more than once THAT'S FOR SURE..LOL!!!

  5. have never really understood shoe fettish but ooooh those boots. i have a mere three pairs and i love em. look after those puppies they are cool

  6. I would love to have so many boots! :)

  7. I love that your boots have all these stories, fantastic secret weapons.

  8. Oh these are fantastic - love them!

  9. great post! boots have attitude and we could all do with a boost now and then. i have a favourite pair of red boots that my mum bought when I was 2. they're a little big and well worn, but still feel like a lovely, powerful hug whenever i wear them. boots are superheros! i envy your collection!
    x sara

  10. Damn girl, what a secret. They'd make me feel happy too! LOL

  11. I love your boots - being a boot fan myself - I feel the need for some more now! x

  12. Gosh, what a powerful secret weapon! I love them and am feeling your passion.